Today we present a new product: Dynello Accu Winder – an accessory for you power drill screwdriver, which can winds straps really fast!

With this tool you can use any screwdriver to wind your straps. Dynello Accu Winder has an Ø10 bit that fits in most screwdrivers. Adjust the torque of the screwdriver and control the speed of winding – a winding can take place in less than 7 seconds!

Dynello Accu Winder is made of stainless materials and is designed for hard and long-term use. The tool’s low weight, at 350 grams, makes it easy to use in a longer period of time. Perfect for rewinding ratchet straps and webbing slings where a good order is desired.

Save time during harvest

Dynello Accu Winder is perfect for seasonal work with straps, including lashing of hay bales during the harvest season. It only requires having a power drill/screwdriver. With the many trips back-and-forth with hay bales and the many lashings used, there is a lot of time to save with a Dynello Accu Winder.

Where to buy

The product is sold by most of our Dynello dealerships including Special-Butikkerne Holstebro, Viborg og Silkeborg (Denmark).

SB Holstebro: Dynello Accu Winder – SB Holstebro webshop

SB Viborg: Dynello Accu Winder – SB Viborg webshop