Dynello Fling Clip

Produce more power in you throws with ratchet straps and minimise the risk of having back and shoulder injuries with Dynello Fling Clip.

With Dynello Fling Clip you can easily and safely throw ratchet straps to secure the goods. 
Dynello Fling Clip has a very low weight of 60g, which mean you do not throw with a unnecessary high mass that burdens you shoulder and back. The light aid promotes better throw-technique and minimises therefore the risk of shoulder and back injuries.

Dynello Fling Clip can moreover be used as Dynello 1Clip to secure and organise straps.

Watch and listen to Jens explaining how to use Dynello Fling Clip below.


Simple product - comprehensive effect

Dynello Fling Clip has so far been the only solution for throwing straps that are not more difficult to use than throws without aids. The simple solution works surprisingly well and is therefore a long-awaited aid among users who suffer from shoulder and back pain as a result of throwing many ratchet straps.

Dynello Fling Clip is available in a 2 pcs/pack. The product has a simple and visual packaging, which quickly gives the customer an insight into its function.

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Fits strap widths 50mm
Polymer ABS
Weight 60 g.


RS0202-2 (2 pcs/pack)


  • Ergonomic throw-technique
  • Throw effortlessly with straps
  • Fits 50mm strap width


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  • Datasheet | DA


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