How does Fling Clip work

Having shoulder- and backpains as a result of throwing ratchet straps over goods?? This is a injury many know of, as throwing straps are particularly abrasive for your shoulders and back. All task performed above shoulder height with many repetitions and high acceleration and/or with resistance are tearing on [...]

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New distributor in Australia

We are expanding Dynello's distributor network and this time all the way to Australia! We have just partnered with the highly competent Jason Kemp from Jason Kemp's Advanced Driver Training, who has been in the transport industry for more than 40 years! Jason is a former truck driver and fleet [...]

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SWELASH new distributor in Sweden

Dynello and SWELASH have just entered into a closer collaboration and SWELASH is a new distributor for Dynello products in Sweden. SWELASH is a relatively new business, but behind the company are people with years of experience in cargo securing products. SWELASH has a wide range of solutions for the [...]

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Dynello now in Austria

Dynello's products can now be found at Lash + Lift Zurr- und Hebetechnik GmbH in Austria. Our first customer in Austria. LASH+LIFT is a 100% subsidiary company from the well-known manufacturer RUD and SpanSet . They are specialists about the topics lifting- and handling equipment and equipment for [...]

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