Marketing support

Selling ideas

Our products can be sold in several different ways. However, we do know that several different sales platforms exist with different segments, who each and everyone requires their own specific sales technique and material.

On this site we will present our knowledge on how you can maximize sales on Dynello products. Keep an eye on this site as we regularly will update it with tips, promotion material and other relevant knowledge.

Customer cases

Cross selling

Cross selling creates value – not only for your customers, but also for you. Combine several Dynello products, which together create synergy. You will increase chances for making a sale, since together they bring more value to the customer, while making the customer aware of both products.

As an example, put Dynello Rewinder together Dynello 1Clips as a package offer. The two products are already naturally connected for the customers.

Read more about cross selling here.

Use videos

Videos are a growing part of people’s online activity. It is the most engaging type of content available today.

We produce small videos that help our customers to understand and evaluate our products in few seconds. The small videos are ideal to use on your website, webshop, facebook or other sales platforms that you use.

Several other benefits exist by using videos, such as showing how to use the products in an optimal way, providing tips and tricks as well as maintaince. This might provide the customers with answers to questions that they have.

You can always find Dynello’s newest videos on our Dynello Youtube Channel.

Sales promotional material

Promote your company through our products. Print your logo, slogan, web address etc. on our products and use them as marketing material: As merchandise, “buy more” bonus or “first buy” gift.

Alternatively, you can add a sticker with the company’s logo and other information. Use our products as expressive business cards.


We offer an effective starter package for new resellers that include a complete marketing package of images, videos, text and customized banners for your website, so you can start selling Dynello products as quickly and easily as possible.

If you see a match with our products in your product range, do not hesitate to contact us and let us talk about what we can offer you.


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