Having shoulder- and backpains as a result of throwing ratchet straps over goods??

This is a injury many know of, as throwing straps are particularly abrasive for your shoulders and back. All task performed above shoulder height with many repetitions and high acceleration and/or with resistance are tearing on muscles and the passive structures (ligaments and joint capsule)(1). Throwing straps above shoulder height is both high in acceleration and with large resistance, as wet straps have a high weight.

Dynello Fling Clip exploit the technique of a sling. Instead of throwing above shoulder height, the strap is sling-shot from the ground over the goods. Hence, the throw becomes far more ergonomic. Dynello Fling Clip builds on our existing design of Dynello 1Clip that has a firm grib of the strap. To avoid the clip flying over with the strap, a string is attached, where your thumb holds onto this string.

The ‘sling-effect’ is ergonomic as you use LESS force to create MORE force. The sling-effect simply creates a large momentum in the throw. The throw is drawn from the ground, which means the abrasive throw above shoulder height is removed – thereby a more ergonomic throw.

The sketches below illustrates the sequence of the throw.

The weight of Dynello Fling Clip is only 60g! You are therefore not throwing with ‘extra’ weight. This is a small but very important feature due to the repetitive factor – It might not seem tough for a few throws, but for many throws during a day, an increased weight will tear on your shoulder and back.

You will only need one Dynello Fling Clip, which is why it comes in a 2-pack.