8 sec. per roll-up

300 roll-ups per charge

Durable and hand-held


Charge from A to B

The battery can be charged in the 12-24V socket with the accompanying 12-24V car charger.

Multiple strap-widths

Dynello Rewinder can manage several strap widths among which 20mm, 35mm og 50mm.


Winding time per strap10 sec.
Rot. speed (no load)0 - 300 rpm
Weight (powertool)0.75 kg.
Weight (Total)1.3 kg.
Can wind wet, dirty and frozen strapsYes
CE certifiedYes


The battery is made of the Li-Ion technology and can do more than 300 ratchet straps on a charge. Is the ratchet strap very wet or very frozen, the Rewinder will however use more power, thereby minimizing the amount a little.

The Dynello Rewinder can wind a strap with a length approx. of 10m in less than 10 seconds.

Yes. The battery has a voltage of 12V and is therefore compatible with 12V charging sockets. Please note, a 12-24V charger is included, which means it also can be charged in a 24V socket.
Moreover, a 230V charger (EU standard) is included.

Yes. The Dynello Rewinder has a small sealing that prevents water from entering the motor-housing.

Yes. The Rewinder is constructed with two guide-pins, whereon a lock is mounted. This lock secures a perfect winding every time! This also counts for straps with widths less than 50mm, as the lock can be adjusted to any straps width within 50mm.

The Rewinder has an internal electrical component that acts as torque-control. In case of the strap 'block' the winding process, for example if there is a knot, then it will cause the DC-motor to 'pull' all the Amps from the battery it can to increase its torque. This can cause in a electrical shortcut in the DC-motor.
However, this is prevented with the internal electrical component in the Rewinder, which means it cannot shortcut.

Please note, this internal electrical component can for a short period of time become hot, where it would need a few seconds to cool down (5 - 10 seconds), before the winding process can be repeated.

Yes. It is internally reinforced with a special designed structure that makes the housing extraordinary durable against stress and impact. Moreover, the Dynello Rewinder is made of the same polymer (ABS) as the well-known LEGO-brick.