Makes it easy to throw straps

Ergonomic throw-technique

Fits 50mm straps

Throw with straps

The only tool in the world for throwing ratchet straps, which is both really light and easy to use. Avoid shoulder and back injuries with Dynello Fling Clip.


Fits to strap-width50mm
Material typeABS
Weight60 g.


Dynello Fling Clip fits ratchet straps with the wide of 50mm, which is the most common width in Europe. 

Dynello Fling Clip is very simple to use and can be explained in the following steps:

1. Mount Dynello Fling Clip on the ratchet strap. Remember to give the strap some slack, which you will hold on to with your other hand. 

2. Make sure your thumb or index finger holds the string of the Dynello Fling Clip. 

3. Throw the strap with a movement where your arm from the ground and upwards. 

Watch the video below or at our YouTube channel where Jens explains the technique (remember subtitles)