Event-basen uses Dynello Rewinder to their ratchet straps

Event-Basen is delivering party supplies for the Danish people. This often requires large set ups, where tents, tables and chairs have to be packed, transported and sat up. Ratchet straps are therefore often being used by Event-Basen – both when transporting and setting up the tents.

Mathias and Kristian work for Event-Basen, and they use between 10 and 100 ratchet straps per day. Usually, it has been an annoying job to rewind all those straps, when they have packed down their tents for instance. To accommodate for this Event-basen has purchased a Dynello Rewinder, and Mathias who are the primary user of the Rewinder says: ”Sometimes we are getting two huge pallets home with the ratchet straps. Then it is really nice to have it nearby!”

A Time Saving Tool

Dynello Rewinder is a big help to those who are using many straps at times. Kristian says: ”We are sometimes rewinding so many straps that we run battery empty. Really, that is a lot of straps!” The rewinder can take around 300 straps on one charging.

Mathias continues: ”We basically use it every day, and we are really satisfied with it.” Kristian and Mathias save up to several hours a day, while the wrists are getting a break.

We are really glad that Event-Basen is very happy with our Dynello Rewinder. You can read more about our Dynello Rewinder and see how much time you can save her: www.dynello.com/products/rewinder

If you want to know more about Event-Basen, go to their website  www.event-basen.dk

Mathias Event-Basen