Dynello has a new website

Dynello har fået ny hjemmeside

We have now launched our new website. Lately, we have been working hard towards optimizing our website. Our goal was to show a clean and simple design, while providing information. We want to make it easier for our visistors to find what they are looking for, whether they are distributors or end-users of our products.

For instance, now you can see how much time you can save by using our Dynello Rewinder. You can find that by clicking here: www.dynello.com/products/rewinder

What do you think?

We are very happy about the result, and we hope that you like it as well. For that reason, we are very interested in hearing your opinions. You can give feedback by commenting on this post, contacting us on facebook or click here. Beside that, you are of course welcome to contact us if there is anything you can not find on the site.