Dynello Aufroller

Professional power tool for quick and easy winding of ratchet straps in less than 10 seconds!

Dynello Rewinder is the most durable power tool for winding of ratchet straps in the world (!) and is characterized by winding a strap in less than 10 seconds! Time is money and Dynello Rewinder saves you a lot of time with strap winding!

The power tool is hand-held and mobile so you can use it wherever the ratchet straps are - avoid dragging them through mud and dirt. The power tool is moreover constructed in a strong polymer for housing that makes it robust and wear resistant.

You can use several widths of straps by using the simple adjustable lock mounted at the guide-pins (0-50mm strap widths).

The battery has a capacity of up to 300 strap windings per charge. You can charge the battery in 230V AC and also in 12-24V DC. In that way the power tool is easily charged in the truck! Both chargers are included as standard in the package. 

The Dynello Rewinder is CE certified according to EU legislation.


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Makes a perfect match for your assortment

The unique design and simple function of the Dynello Rewinder is the reason why it has found the way, as one of the few, to the users favorite power tool for strap winding. The power tool performs therefore well in any assortment where cargo securing equipment and tools are sold.

The Dynello Rewinder package include: The power tool, a battery, a 230V AC charger (EU 2-pin plug) and a 12-24V DC car charger. Moreover follows a free sample of Dynello 1Clip.

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Wicklungszeit pro Spanngurt ~10 Sek.
Akku Li-Ion
Spannung 12V
Kapazität 1.3Ah
Leerlaufdrehzahl 0-300 RPM
Gewicht (Werkzug) 0,75 kg.
Gewicht (Gesamt) 1,3 kg.
CE zertifiziert Ja




  • Aufrollen in 8 Sekunden
  • 300 Gurte pro Ladung
  • Ladung im 12-24V DC
  • Handgehalten und robust



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