Control of the ratchet straps

“With the clip from Dynello we no longer have any trouble with our ratchet straps. Before we used  cable-ties and belts to keep our straps together, but it was a real hassle when we stood on the tent site and had to cut cable-ties!” says Heine Pedersen, owner of Ranum Tent Rental.

There is now order in Heine Pedersen’s ratchet straps, which he uses in large quantities in his tent rental company Ranum Tent Rental from Denmark. With over 500 ratchet straps used both as guylines with the big party tents, but also as a cross stabilization of the tent, there is much handling with ratchet straps. It is therefore important that they are not lying around in a mess when they are needed.

“It is a total waste of time every time we have to deal with entangled straps. They take forever to untangle!” Heine says and refers to the box with ratchet straps, where they are put so fine after winding them.

Heine Pedersen made it extra easy for himself and holds now his many ratchet straps on a large wall where 1Clip makes it possible to hang the straps in the hook, so it can dry and are easy to get hold of. It also allows that he can sort his ratchet straps to length, so he does not spend time looking for the right strap in the ‘ratchet-strap-box’.

The picture below shows one of Heine’s two walls filled with ratchet straps. Here we see how 1Clip from Dynello acts as a clamp on the strap and holds it, avoiding it unroll.

Dynello 1Clip sikring af surringsbånd efter brug af Dynello Opruller båndopruller

Dynello 1Clip – Secure your ratchet straps. At the picture you are seeing how Heine Pedersen are utilising 1Clip to keep his ratchet straps neat and in order.



1Clip from Dynello

1Clip from Dynello is a simple, but yet powerful innovation that secures your ratchet straps to avoid entanglement. It is used by truck drives as well as private persons who like to keep their ratchet straps in order for easy handling next time.

You can find more information of 1Clip from Dynello here: 1Clip fra Dynello