Featured in HAKLIFT – Catalogue 2018

Did you know you can find our products at Haklift in Finland? Find us in their catalogue page 180. Link to catalogue: http://www.e-julkaisu.fi/haklift/catalogue-2018/#pid=180
EUROPART dynello
We are featured in the 2018 Favorites of EUROPART with our super fast strap winder that wind a strap in 8 seconds, and with our smart Dynello 1Clip that easily secures the winded ratchet strap. Dynello Rewinder is a tool for fast winding of ratchet straps, which leaves you with much more time during the

What a mess!

Ratchet straps can be a hell of a mess if there is’nt control of them. See for example how SAMSKIB receives their ratchet straps after delivery. However, they have made it a lot easier for themselves with a couple of Dynello Rewinders, which saves them hundreds of hours. Dynello Rewinder can wind a strap in

A Christmas gift idea

Are you missing inspiration for the last little Christmas gift for your husband or yourself? Search no more, what you are looking for is Dynello 1Clip and Dynello Fling Clip! For him that have everything, except control of his straps. Get control of messy straps with Dynello 1Clip. Dynello 1Clip is available in a pack
Værktøjsavisen dynello opruller båndopruller surringsbånd lastestropper
During November Dynello is featured in the well-known Værktøjsavisen, which comes in roughly 40.000 prints distributed all over Denmark by DJ Supply. This means our products right now can be experienced in more than 35 stores across Denmark. Want to take a closer look at our products? Feel free to visit one of the stores,
Event-Basen is delivering party supplies for the Danish people. This often requires large set ups, where tents, tables and chairs have to be packed, transported and sat up. Ratchet straps are therefore often being used by Event-Basen – both when transporting and setting up the tents. Mathias and Kristian work for Event-Basen, and they use

Truck Owners Day in Hobro

Dynello til Vognmandens Dag
Last Saturday, we were part of Vognmandens Dag (Day of the Truck Owners) in Hobro. It was a great program, which consisted of presentations from Integration Minister, Inger Støjberg and CEO at Danish Transport & Logistics, Erik Østergaard. The morning started with breakfast and coffee, while hot dogs and beers were served later. Like several
Set i Transport 20017 - Bladet. Find os til Transportmessen 2017 d. 23. - 25. marts i MCH Messecenter Herning.
A headline says more than 1000 words..

Control of the ratchet straps

“With the clip from Dynello we no longer have any trouble with our ratchet straps. Before we used  cable-ties and belts to keep our straps together, but it was a real hassle when we stood on the tent site and had to cut cable-ties!” says Heine Pedersen, owner of Ranum Tent Rental. There is now

Are you this fast?

We have made a little video showing the difference from the traditional way of winding your straps and the Rewinder. Check out the link below to see if your can match the speed of the Rewinder.