We have collected 5 interesting facts about the trucking industry in Europe. Transportation by road is one of the most common types of freight in Europe. Trucks are responsible for 71.3 % of all freight transported over land and 2.4 million people are employed in the road freight transport sector. Here are our 5 facts: 1.

Top 6 Trucking Profiles on Instagram

We often hear that trucking is a lifestyle. That is why Instagram is such a good app for showcasing or following others life on the road. Whether you are a truck driver or just interested in trucking, we have made a top 6 list of the Instagram profiles that you should follow. 1. @laplandroads – Marie from Sweden

We have new distributors in Europe

forhandler dynello dealership
We are very happy to announce that we have reached agreements with several new distributors in Europe. In Germany, Dynello has expanded by adding SVG Sachsen und Thüringen to our list of dealers. SVG have added our products to their webshop.  If you want to know more about them or buy our products with them, click here: https://shop.svg-dresden.de/

Dynello has a new website

Dynello har fået ny hjemmeside
We have now launched our new website. Lately, we have been working hard towards optimizing our website. Our goal was to show a clean and simple design, while providing information. We want to make it easier for our visistors to find what they are looking for, whether they are distributors or end-users of our products.
As a starting point, responsibility of cargo securing is placed with the truck drivers. If the truck driver does not secure cargo good enough or if he/she has not made sure that the sender has secured the cargo good enough, he/she is responsible. Fines depend on the misdemeanor. European guidelines on cargo securing A highly