We have new distributors in Europe

forhandler dynello dealership

We are very happy to announce that we have reached agreements with several new distributors in Europe.

In Germany, Dynello has expanded by adding SVG Sachsen und Thüringen to our list of dealers. SVG have added our products to their webshop.  If you want to know more about them or buy our products with them, click here: https://shop.svg-dresden.de/

Entering a new market

In addition to that, we are now entering the Belgian market through our agreement with HBL Online. They have added Dynello products to their assortment for their Belgian and Dutch dealers, which means that we have expanded our market in the Netherlands as well. You can see more about the these two through the following links: Belgium: www.fixami.be/ and The Netherlands: www.gereedschapcentrum.nl/

We are very proud that Dynello products now can be found through more dealers, and are looking forwards to more to come. You can always keep an eye on where to buy them here: www.dynello.com/where-to-buy/